My earliest memory of tools was from when I was six. My father would wake me up on Saturday mornings and during the summer months to drive me to his auto body shop where I learned how to sand cars with a bucket of water and a sanding block. I must have sanded a hundred cars by the time I was eight. At my grandfather's I learned how to build things with wood. During this time I became interested in history, particularly the tools and techniques of the ancient men, While in college I got a job with a carpenter and learned how to do just about everything. My boss was old school. He did his own plumbing, masonry, and electric work. When I was twenty-six I bought twenty acres of land in South Central Pa. and began the reconstruction of an 1823 chestnut log cabin. By the time I was done it was nearly 5000 square feet.

My interest in history and making things the old-fashioned way has never left me.  People often ask me to make something that "looks" forged. I simply tell them that it will look the way they want it to because it can't look any other way when it is done authentically. I don't "mark" my pieces to look hand-forged. Everything I make is hand-forged. When you hold one of my knives or tomahawks it will look and feel the same as it would have had it been made over 200 years ago. I honestly don't know any other way to do it.

The old-fashioned way of making knives comes easy to me. It has been a process, though. When the other boys in school were playing video games or watching TV, I was outside building forts and throwing knives at logs. The first knife I got paid to make was for an Army Ranger who asked me to make a replica "Inglorious Bastards" knife. I haven't looked back since.

Please don't hesitate to ask me about a knife or 'hawk for you. I'm always eager to use my gift for others. I should also mention that I have a deep appreciation for our men and women in service, and offer discounts to current and prior enlisted.

Michael Bronco

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